Cost of living

Budapest is the ideal international student destination. It is a very affordable big city, allowing you to enjoy your student life to its full potential. A student can spend around 500-600 euros per month. The currency in Hungary is the Hungarian forint (HUF). 1 euro equals to around 400 Hungarian forints.


Your biggest expense while living in Budapest will be the rent, however you will find a range of accommodation prices. A private room can go from 200 to 350 euros. Make sure to look for accommodation as soon as possible.

Food and restaurants

When it comes to gastronomy, you will be able to try Hungarian traditional dishes for affordable prices. You can also find Western and Asian food everywhere in Budapest. The average meal in a restaurant is around 8 euros, but you can find even cheaper options.

Night life and bars

Budapest has a vibrant and lively night life, with a lot of clubs and bars. You will find events organized by the universities which usually are quite affordable. The average price for a beer is 1.70 euros and for a soda 1-2 euros. Most bars and popular student spots will have free entry but some might charge an entry fee of 3-5 euros.


To get around the city you will probably use public transport. A one-way ticket will cost you less than 1 euro, while a student monthly pass costs 8.50 euros.

Prices of basic items

Item Approximate Price (in euros)
Milk (1L) € 0.9
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) € 1.0
Eggs (12) € 2.1
Oranges (1kg) € 1.5
Beer € 1.7
Cigarettes € 4.5
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant € 7.5
Meal at McDonalds € 5.0
Coke/Pepsi € 1.0
Water (0.33l) € 0.8
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee € 38.0