and Business, PhD

Programme overview

Due to its profile, our Doctoral School tends to fill a gap, since this is the first doctoral programme in Hungary whose training and research curricula focuses primarily on business and management issues of small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses. We offer an educational and training programme based on applied sciences, from which those interested in an academic career and those associated with everyday business practice, and even those having an MBA degree may benefit.

If you are interested in the world of education-research and would like to hear the sound of enthusiastic applause at the end of your lecture, yet also enjoy writing in quiet solitude, as well as researching and drawing conclusions, you might well consider a career in teaching-researching.

Our students completing the doctoral programme will acquire theoretical, methodological, and practical knowledge and skills that will allow them to pursue applied research, to analyse entrepreneurial, economic, and financial phenomena and processes with a scientific background, and to solve problems in the world of science, the real world of business, and in the public sphere.

You can check the thesis topics of our current PhD candidates, if you click here.

In the Entrepreneurship and Business programme, we develop business professionals who know the basic concepts and main relationships of business management, as well as the principles of management using resources and production factors.

They will be able to manage, organise and operate business processes, establish organisations and institutions, and design or change their structure and organisational conduct. With their knowledge in the field of economics, social theory, applied economics, and methodology, they will be able to:

  • Plan and analyse the processes of business organisations and institutions.
  • Manage and organise business and entrepreneurial activities and processes.
  • Apply problem-solving techniques in the preparation of corporate decisions.
  • Build their career independently and evaluate their experience.
  • Work independently in various areas of corporate systems.
  • Perform management duties in positions related to the general management and co-ordination of business organisations.

With the knowledge and skills obtained, our graduates may become successful as highly skilled and innovative analysts, managers, or entrepreneurs.

The first doctoral school in Hungary to be established in an institution with the status of a University of Applied Sciences was established at our university. The BBU Doctoral School of Entrepreneurship and Business (BBU DSEB) focuses on businesses and their development. It places emphasis on the business and management topics of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) at the heart of its training and research. The programme aims to train researchers in the field of social sciences and in the area of management and organisational sciences, including the field of business research.

For non-EU students: 3,100 EUR per semester

For EU students: 950,000 Hungarian Forint per semester

Those who start their studies as fee-paying students cannot be supported by BBU for a later scholarship application. This provision covers those full-funded scholarship opportunities which are offered by the Hungarian government.

For all students: 31 May 2024

Please be advised that entrance interviews will be held from May 2024. Detailed information will be provided later on.

Start of study
September 2024

Study location
Budapest, Hungary
Berzsenyi Campus, see on map

4 years (8 semesters)

Study language

Title of the qualification on the diploma
Ph.D. in Business and Management Sciences

Programme level
Doctoral programme (PhD)

Entry qualification
Postgraduate diploma (or higher)