Life in Budapest

Budapest is a city that has so much to offer. Even though it is a capital and a big city, it is still not too much to overwhelm you. You can enjoy a multicultural student community and make it your new home, no matter how long you are staying!

Cost of living

One of the biggest advantages of Budapest is its affordability. You can learn more about the costs of living in Budapest here. The average student spends around 500 euros per month, which is much lower compared to other capitals and big cities. In most places you can pay using your phone or your card, so you don’t have to worry about withdrawing lots of bills.

Culture and gastronomy

Have you heard of goulash? Or langos? If not, what are you waiting for? Hungary has amazing food, and not only it is tasty but also affordable. You will find around the city hundreds of cool restaurants and cafes, you won’t even have time to explore them all!

One of the main reasons to come to Budapest is its beauty. The city is filled with culture and history. You can easily access most touristic sites by walking or via public transport. There are also dozens of museums and galleries to explore.
You can’t miss out on a sunrise from Fisherman’s Bastion, or on an afternoon walk in Margaret Island, or even on visiting the various thermal baths during winter. There is so much to do and explore in Budapest, you will never be bored!

During the summer and warmer days you can also visit Lake Balaton, a huge, beautiful lake 1 hour away from Budapest where you can swim and sunbathe.

People and environment

Budapest is home to thousands of international students, so it will not be difficult to meet people.

There are student events every single day all over the city, like picnics, pub crawls, parties, walking tours, etc. These are great opportunities to get to know some fellow students while also getting to know and exploring the city.

Despite being a capital city, Budapest is a very safe city. Especially in the city center the streets are always filled with people, so you don’t have to worry about feeling unsafe like you usually would in a big city.

Public transport

Getting around in Budapest is incredibly easy. Not only is it a very walkable city, you have access to the metro, tram, buses, trolleys and taxis. The 4/6 tram line is working 24/7, but there are also night buses. During the day the tram comes every 3 minutes, so you never have to wait long.


Hungary has all 4 seasons. The coldest months in Budapest are November till March, while the warmest are from the end of May until September.
When packing for Budapest you always want to bring a warm jacket, but also some light clothes, especially if you come in the spring semester. Summers are hot. Temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees (Celsius), while in the winter they can be as low as minus 10 degrees, and it might even snow if you are lucky!

Visiting other countries

Being located so centrally in Europe, you can easily arrange trips and visit other countries. Budapest has many flight and train connections. Make sure to use this to your advantage!
London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and many cities are less than 2 hours away by plane. Discount airlines like WizzAir, Ryanair and Easyjet have direct flights to many European destinations from Budapest Airport.
Vienna and Bratislava are only 1-2 hours away by direct train.