English Language
Preparatory Programme

Programme objective

The English Language Preparatory Programme is a two-semester-long programme (20 lessons per week, 300 lessons per semester) offering students an opportunity to improve their English Language skills to prepare them for entry to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme at Budapest Business University.

In addition to assisting students to gain the necessary level of general English competence and study skills to start a university degree programme, the programme aims to bridge the gap some students may experience in getting adapted to the European tradition of university teaching, with an intercultural dimension of study.

Students must also choose the major they would continue their studies with after completing the preparatory programme.
It is not possible to only apply for the preparatory programme. This means that we are also considering your application for the major you indicate even if your English knowledge does not allow you to join it directly.

Depending on the English Preparation course taken students can expect to be taught:

  • General English Language skills, such as speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • More academic focused skills such as academic writing, critical analysis, referencing and seminar skills
  • Cross-cultural skills and introduction to Hungarian/European culture and traditions
  • A focused course designed to progress students onto their chosen university programme
  • Improved English Language competence (speaking, writing, reading and listening)
  • An understanding of academic conventions observed at European universities
  • Experience to study requirements and assessment methods commonly used at BBU
  • Studying on the campus of the university, to be a part of the university from day one.

Students applying for the preparatory programme still have to participate in our Skype interview and need to have at least a basic (A2) knowledge of the English language.

For EU and non-EU students: 2,500 EUR per semester

Intensive English Preparatory starting in February: 4,500 EUR

For non-EU students: 30 June 2024

For EU students: 30 July 2024

Start of study
September 2024

Study location
Budapest, Hungary

1 year (2 semesters)

Study language

Programme level

Entry qualification
High school / secondary education (or higher)