Business Administration
and Management, BSc

Programme objective

Through its specialisation, the objective of the programme is to prepare students for the workforce who have thorough theoretical and practical skills in the areas of business planning, organisation, and analysis, that have been built on the knowledge of the operational, management and real processes of businesses. With these acquired skills, graduates will be able to design and develop the strategy, market activity, financial and accounting processes, and business IT systems of business organisations, as well as analyse their business results.

This programme offers a double-degree opportunity with University College Leuven-Limburg (Belgium).

The specialisation of the programme is Service Management.

Economics, methodology and business basics

Key subjects: mathematics, statistics, IT, micro and macroeconomics, international economics, finance, business law, marketing, accounting, management, business communication, specialised foreign language

Social science basics

Key subjects: general and business law, economic history, sociology, psychology, philosophy

Special core material of business and management

Key subjects: corporate finance, accounting analysis, human resource management, marketing, management, leadership and organisation, decision theory and methodology, business ethics, strategic planning

In the Business Administration and Management Programme, we develop business professionals who understand the basic concepts and the main relationships of business management, as well as the principles of management using resources and production factors.

They will be able to manage, organise and operate business processes, establish organisations and institutions, and design or change their structure and organisational conduct. With their knowledge in the field of economics, social theory, applied economics and methodology, they will be able to:

  • Plan and analyse the processes of business organisations and institutions.
  • Manage and organise business and entrepreneurial activities and processes.
  • Apply problem-solving techniques in the preparation of corporate decisions.
  • Build their career independently and evaluate their experience.
  • Work independently in various areas of corporate systems.
  • Perform management duties in positions related to the general management and coordination of business organizations.

Graduates will be suitable for positions that cover the performance of the following tasks, amongst others:

  • Participation in the preparation of corporate decisions.
  • Independent work in sub-areas of the corporate system – business planning, project administration and management, sales and marketing tasks, customer relationships, business analysis.
  • Management duties related to the general management and co-ordination of organisations.

For non-EU students: 2,750 EUR per semester

For EU students: 630,000 Hungarian Forint per semester

For non-EU students: 30 June 2024

For EU students: 30 July 2024

Start of study
September 2024

Study location
Budapest, Hungary

Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, see on map

3.5 years (7 semesters)

Study language

Title of the qualification on the diploma
Economist in Business Administration and Management

Programme level
Bachelor’s programme (BSc)

Entry qualification
High school / secondary education (or higher)