International Economy
and Business, MSc

Programme objective

Our International Economy and Business programme aims to train professionals capable of analysing the global world economy, interpreting international trends, and effectively conducting and managing international negotiations. The investment incentive and management profile of the International Economy and Business major ensures that students will acquire thorough, up-to-date knowledge in the preparation and implementation of foreign direct investments (FDI).

This programme offers double degree opportunities. Students can earn the following master’s degrees at our partner universities:

  • MA in International Business and Finance – Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (Augsburg, Germany)
  • MSc International Business – University of Stirling (Stirling, United Kingdom)

We do not advertise specialisations in our programme, but since the training focuses on the topic of investment incentive, students gain in-depth knowledge in the preparation and implementation of foreign direct investments (FDI). Throughout the course of the programme, they will acquire all the relevant knowledge which will enable them to undertake the development of investment strategies (corporate, municipal government), the planning of the establishment of joint ventures, and the conclusion of international contracts.

  • Analysis and evaluation of global world economy and international trends
  • Preparation and management of foreign investments
  • Management of international negotiations and development of contractual constructions
  • Establishment of international (joint) enterprises
  • Development of investment strategy at municipalities

Our students graduating with a master’s degree in International Economy and Business will:

  • Receive knowledge that is unique in Hungary, can be put into practice immediately, and for which there is constant demand from employers,
  • Be prepared for the successful management of the international economic relations and investments of companies, institutions, and local governments, and for effective business communication in several languages,
  • Be able to perform expert, analyst, and managerial tasks within the framework of the Hungarian state administration or at international organizations.

Graduates will be eligible for the following positions in multinational companies, international organisations and municipalities that receive and manage foreign investments:

  • FDI strategic analyst
  • Investment promotion officer
  • Foreign capital investment manager
  • FDI specialist (consultant)
  • International investor relations manager

For non-EU students: 3,000 EUR per semester

For EU students: 650,000 Hungarian Forint per semester

For non-EU students: 30 June 2024

For EU students: 30 July 2024

Start of study
September 2024

Study location
Budapest, Hungary

Faculty of International Management and Business, see on map

2 years (4 semesters)

Study language

Title of the qualification on the diploma
Economist in International Economy and Business

Programme level
Master’s programme (MSc)

Entry qualification
Undergraduate diploma (or higher)